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Variable Data Labels
• If you require a barcode label or variable data label, we can assist; we use specialist software to produce your labels.
• We can print barcodes and variable data such as price, size, code numbers, sell by dates and graphic images onto plain or pre-printed labels.
• Variable barcoded or sequentially numbered labels can be provided in any size, shape or material in rolls, fan folded or sheet format.
• Data can be drawn simply from fixed files or from several different variable data files using specialist label printing software.
You tell us exactly what you require on your label, and we will produce it.
Blank / Printed Labels
• Labels are found on almost every product you encounter on a daily basis.
• Each of these presents a colourful, printed marketing opportunity.
• These labels can be used as a product label, or as a pre-printed label for overprinting with a thermal transfer printer.
• In various shapes, sizes and colours whether for retail use to promote your product or for warehouse identification, we have a label construction that guarantees success for your application or products.
• You are able to choose from various materials for both conventional and harsh environment application as well as broad temperature ranges.
• Thermal transfer, matte, gloss, semi-gloss, dayglo and many other types of material.
Thermal Transfer Labels
• Thermal transfer labels are becoming popular because they offer a great economic means to in-house variable printing. Simply specify your printer make and model and we can provide the necessary labels.
Direct Thermal Labels
Direct Thermal labels have a heat sensitive coating on the face that allow for the elimination of thermal transfer ribbon in the printing process. This offers a great way to eliminate cost – it is like using a laser printer without needing the toner.
Tickets and Tags
• Various shapes, sizes and colours.
• Labelnet’s custom tickets and tags of blank or pre-printed media face stocks in any colour with a choice of adhesive and release liner in the shape and configuration that you specify.
• Custom tags and tickets are produced to order. 
Shelf Talkers
• Shelf Talkers are clever promotional tools that are intrinsically designed to grab the attention of a consumer at the point of a purchase decision.
• These custom labels are placed right on the shelf in close proximity to the product display.
• Shelf Talkers draw the customer's eye to the shelf where your products are offered.
• This unique product differentiation and marketing technique has proven effective for many consumer goods.
• Shelf talkers also provide a medium for sharing special pricing, promotions, or specific product advantages.
Scale Labels
• Generally used in butchery, bakery and fresh produce applications.
• Manufactured using the best quality adhesives in various grades.
• Blank or custom labels manufactured.
• Economy scale labels are suitable for dry goods applications and have no barrier coating.
• Top coated thermal scale labels are suitable for moderate exposure to moisture, e.g. fresh produce.
• Double barrier coated thermal scale labels are suitable for high moisture applications, e.g. frozen meats or seafood.
Price Marking Labels
• Price marking of products is an essential aspect of the retail world.
• We offer a comprehensive range of labels e.g. “Best Before”, “Sell By”, “Batch No.” etc.
• Price marking labels can be printed in various colours with your company’s details and any other data.
The low cost of price marking labels assists in quality control to identify your “reject” products quickly and easily.
Till Rolls
• We supply thermal and bond till rolls blank or customized with your company data.
• Our till rolls are suitable for atms, tills and credit card machines.
Tabs - Alphabetical, Numerical, Lateral
• The alphabetic Laser labels form an integral part of the top retrieval system. Alpha labels are used with 1st and 2nd Letter Filing systems
• The Numeric Laser labels form an integral part of the top retrieval system. The labels are used to number and distinguish each individual file, using different colours. Numeric labels are ideal when you have many files to house
• Lateral Filing provides a satisfying solution for large scale applications. It prevents misfiling and improves retrieval time. With the use of colour coded labels filing becomes fast and accurate
The labels are used to name and distinguish each individual file, using different colours. Colour is vital because the human eye reads colour far more effectively. By labelling each file your records become more manageable, saving you time and increasing productivity.
Computer Labels
• Continuous computer labels are an economical way to print address and barcode labels.
• Self-Adhesive, fan folded, standard glassine backing sheet sprocket fed and suitable for high speed laser printers.
Laser and Inkjet Labels
• Laser labels are usually an A4 (210mm x 297mm) sheet in size.
• They are a combination of a backing, glue and paper and are die cut in a variety of ways.
• Blank or customized in various colours and sizes.
• Laser labels are fed through a laser printer.
Thermal Transfer Ribbons
Thermal ribbons come in three main types: wax, wax-resin or pure resin and are almost always black (other colors sometimes used are red and blue). These different types are made to print onto different label materials and are used instead of direct thermal printing when the life of the label needs to be long or the labels needs to survive harsh environments.
• Wax ribbons are for printing onto paper labels, where the life of the label can be years but must be kept dry and must not be abraded or subjected to certain chemicals or oil, which would dissolve the wax image.
• Wax-resin ribbons produce a finer image on very smooth paper or coated paper labels. The printed image is much more durable than wax, but can still only stand slight contact with water.
• Pure resin ribbons are formulated to print onto plastic labels such as polyester, polypropylene and vinyl. The "ink" is designed to slightly dissolve into or adhere to the plastic surface of the label and becomes extremely durable, depending on the plastic material and ribbon make used.

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